About Stollwells

Stollwells was formed by Matt & Joe who have a combined 30 years working within Prime Central London.  

A property manager for 8 years; Joe is aware of the challenges that managing agents face when it comes to reliable pre and post cleans. Matt’s vast experience working client side puts Stollwells in a prime position to offer a fresh, straight-forward approach to cleaning. 

Stollwells are able to offer a fixed cost (dependant on property size) and so there is no uncertainty experienced when paying a cleaner on an hourly rate.  

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our services anywhere within the M25, however, our core business is across West & South West London. 

Stollwells’ soul aim is to make pre and post tenancies as stress free as possible for tenants, landlord and agents. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that properties are left as they should be and we follow a strict criteria to ensure uniformity on the end result. 

What we offer

Pre & Post Tenancy

A thorough and extensive cleaning programme is undertaken to ensure the property is entirely presentable and meets an inventory providers requirements to label a property as ‘professionally clean’. 

Carpet cleaning

Using the latest equipment and techniques we are able to take most of the dirt and debris out of carpet made of man-made materials. Our equipment works on water-based treatment and so there are no lingering chemical smells or possible damage caused by chemicals. 

Commerical cleaning

Stollwells are able to offer regular cleaning of your offices, canteens, kitchens, washing facilities and even windows. We are able to do this outside of working hours in order to cause your operation as little disruption as possible. 

Window Cleaning

We are able offer external window cleaning. Stollwells have direct access to suitable trained tradesman whom are able to professionally attend to all those dirty windows! 

Contact Stollwells

We are usually on the move and so the best way to get hold of us is by phone! 

0203 051 2052

07585 726 287